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RESULTS for the Red, White & Blue have been POSTED.

Congratulations to Sonny Nimkhum - the 2nd Quarter's Most Improved Golfer - from 1.4 to a +0.8!

Jerry Hodge aces the 9th Hole in the Red, White and Blue.

Jerry Hodge HIO

On the 9th hole during the Red, White and Blue tournament, Jerry's precise 6 iron found the cup on one bounce. This was Jerry's 2nd career ace which cleared out the HIO Fund and won a skin to boot.

Member John Lynch gets his 3rd career Ace at Pelican Hill.

John Lynch
John Lynch

John aced the 6th Hole on the Pelican Hill North course on June 26th for his 3rd career hole-in-one. John fashioned a 5-iron into the sun to the downhill par 3 and spun it back into the cup. As he was blinded by the sun, he actually did not see his ball disappear and had to settle for the account from his three playing partners. Ironically, John also did not see his previous aces (Los Amigos and somewhere on the Texas border) either. Keep makin' 'em, John and you're bound to see it go in one of these days!

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June GROSS 65 Sonny Nimkhum
NET 56 Larry Erps

Most Improved Golfer

  • 2019 2Q - Sonny Nimkhum
  • 2019 1Q - Mike Montgomery
  • 2018 - Bret Holloway
  • 2018 4Q - Sam Krishna
  • 2018 3Q - David Lee

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2019 Club Champions

Sonny Nimkhum (Champion), Corey Smith (A),
Lee McCullough (B)

2018 Golfers of the Year

golfers of the year
Sonny Nimkhum (Gross)  Scott Lindman (Net)

2018 Flights Champions

flights champs
Dennis Smith (Dir.), Mark Schmillen (Treas), Sebastian Sturdevant (Sec.), David McNaney (VP), Greg Andersen (Pres.)

2018 Senior Club Champions

senior club champs
Jim Fuchs (Champ.), George Lanese (A) and Tom Montgomery (B)