El Dorado Park Men's Golf Club

How to Qualify for GOM
If you shoot a good round at El Dorado on any day, submit a separate scorecard into the GOM box in the Pro Shop. The scorecard must include: Your Name, Date of the round, Tees Played and GHIN#. Note either GOM Gross or GOM Net at the top of the scorecard. The scorecard must be signed by you and attested by another Club member.

The players with the best gross and net scores for the month will receive a plaque, have their name in lights and be forever immortalized on the Club website.

Golfers of the Month


Gross Net
January No Winner 64-Michael Miller
February No Winner No Winner
March 70-Vern Followell 67-Michael Pircher
April 71-Omar Diaz 67-Ken Rademacher
May 70-Beau Wesson 65-Walter Gordon


Gross Net
January 73-Taylor Cameron 72-Neal Janssen
February 71-Beau Wesson 70-Terry Fulford
March 69-John Hasselman 68-Sheldon Drantch
April 69-Tim Heffern 69-Daniel Kletke
May 68-Erick Simmons 66-Bret Holloway
June No Winner 67-Tom Retterath
July 70-Vern Followell 67-Randall Kervin
August 69-Scott Paul 65-Richard Koskela
September 71-David Rubin 66-Jeff DeGraaff
October 67-Patrick Tom 65-Steve Brand
November No Winner 65-Michael Miller
December No Winner No Winner
2023 Golfers of the Year

Gross Scott Paul (75), Net Jeff DeGraaff (76)
2023 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 70-Doug Jones 68-Walter Gordon
February 69-Jack Deangelis 68-Tony Glorioso
March No Winner 67-Paul Standish
April No Winner 68-Terry Fulford
May 70-David Rubin 65-Sheldon Drantch
June 70-Vern Followell 65-Kevin Boylan
July 71-Chris McMonigle 66-Ronald Maden
August 67-Connor Fehmel 64-Henry DeGraaff
September 70-Bret Holloway 64-Eric Lishka
October 68-Sonny Nimkhum 62-Ron Searcy
November 69-Beau Wesson 66-Andrew Pulido
December 69-Erick Simmons No Winner
2022 Golfers of the Year

Net Terry Fulford (72), Gross Dave Rubin (71)
2022 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 71-Omar Diaz 65-Greg Englant
February 71-David Rubin 63-Brad Wilcox
March 70-Taylor Cameron No Winner
April 72-Eugene Milner 64-Jason Brendle
May No Winner 64-Jeffrey Benedetti
June 69-Vern Followell 66-Colin Boylan
July 70-Andrew Cochrane 67-Timothy Hodge
August 72-Jim Fuchs 66-Tom Seidl
September No Winner 68-Cameron Tanseco
October 69-John Hasselman 64-Stanton Faris
November 74-Rich Boyker 67-Lance Breedlove
December 70-Doug Jones 67-Ron Searcy
2021 Golfers of the Year

Gross Dave Rubin (70), Net Jason Brendle (75)
2021 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January No Winner 66-Brad Wilcox
February 70-Cj Triola 66-Terry Fulford
March 69-Bret Holloway 68-Clark Sanders
April No Winner No Winner
May 72-Doug Jones No Winner
June 69-Chris McMonigle 65-Walter Gordon
July 72-Vern Followell 63-Darryl Lee
August 69-Nick de Lia 65-Bill Henigsman
September 69-David Rubin 68-Rich Boyker
October 70-Ryan Boyker 69-Brian Dauk
November 75-Bob Livingstone 69-Taylor Cameron
December 71-Omar Diaz 66-Steve Giroux
2020 Golfers of the Year

Gross Dave Rubin (70), Net Brian Dauk (71)
2020 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January No Winner 69-Mark Ziegenhagen
February No Winner 65-Dennis Tramer
March 72-Scott Paul 61-Mike Montgomery
April 70-Nick Mardesich 63-Andrew Pulido
May 68-John Hasselman 62-William Johnson
June 65-Sonny Nimkhum 56-Larry Erps
July 70-Eugene Milner 63-Cliff Aichele
August 67-Mel Collins 65-Bret Holloway
September 70-Omar Diaz 69-Terry Fulford
October 71-Byron Brno 65-Brian Ball
November No Winner 65-Kenneth Cheong
December 67-Ryder Epson 64-Rich Gilmore
2019 Golfers of the Year

Gross Sonny Nimkhum (70), Net Mike Montgomery (73)
2019 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 74-Matt Williams 68-Rich Gilmore
February 81-Matt Huntington 68-Don Marmion
March 70-Sonny Nimkhum 62-Jeff Tanner
April 68-Mike Roddy 64-Scott Lindman
May 70-Bret Holloway 63-Scott Davis
June 70-Daniel Kletke 66-Colin Boylan
July 72-Eric Miller 66-Terry Fulford
August 68-Ryder Epson 64-Tom Montgomery
September 72-Omar Diaz No Winner
October 69-Scott Paul 64-Lloyd Lee
November 70-Noah Busch 66-Rob Kuehn
December 68-Nick Mardesich 64-Samuel Krishna
2018 Golfers of the Year

Gross Sonny Nimkhum (71), Net Scott Lindman (69)
2018 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 76-Peter Douglas 60-Darryl Lee
February No Winner No Winner
March 70-David Rubin 63-Tom Conlisk
April 71-Vern Followell 65-Scott Chamberlain
May 63-Sonny Nimkhum 62-Mark Schmillen
June 70-Scott Paul 65-Gary Lee
July 74-Eugene Milner 64-Scott Davis
August 70-Grant Wilson 65-Dave Chamberlain
September 75-Omar Diaz 65-David Lee
October 67-Stephen Friend 70-Michael Drew
November 72-Eric Miller 62-Michael Vaughn
December 71-Mel Collins 63-Lloyd Lee
2017 Golfers of the Year

Gross Sonny Nimkhum (70), Net Lloyd Lee (74)
2017 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 71-Gene Milner No Winner
February 70-Dave Rubin 66-Jerry Leininger
March 70-Steve Giroux 61-Mike Belcher
April 73-Bill Hasselman 65-Cary Thomason
May 66-Ryan Boyker 65-Don Didier
June 73-Corey Smith 63-Lloyd Lee
July 62-Terry Fulford
August 68-Jim Fuchs 64-Rob Kuehn
September 70-Vern Followell 64-Tom Conlisk
October 72-Cliff Aichele 65-Don Marmion
November 70-Omar Diaz 65-Michael Collins
December 70-Ed Walters 67-Charles Kerr
2016 Golfers of the Year

Gross Dave Rubin (71), Net Don Didier (68)
2016 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 80-Greg Englant 68-Rick Evans
February 69-Mark Perry 67-James Ridenour
March 70-Geoff Lee 63-Rob Owens
April 73-Omar Diaz 67-Mark Ziegenhagen
May 72-Greg Andersen 65-Todd Thiele
June 71-Byron Brno 63-Pete Douglas
July 71-Gene Milner 63-Henry Degraaff
August 68-Bruce Titus 63-Jerome Hodge
September 73-Noah Busch 67-Steven Whitaker
October 67-Ryan Boyker 65-Matt Huntington
November 70-Vern Followell 65-CorEy Smith
December 79-Bob Livingstone 66-Greg Ramsey
2015 Golfers of the Year

Gross Gene Milner (70), Net Todd Thiele (69)
2015 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 72-Tom Retterath 69-Greg Lester
February 67-Geoff Lee 65-Charlie Kerr
March 71-Omar Diaz 65-Tom Montgomery
April 70-Vern Followell 66-Mike Drew
May 69-Mike Howard 65-Kerry Bryan
June 71-Scott Paul 67-Dennis Tramer
July 65-Dave Rubin 65-Paul Standish
August 67-Mark Perry 64-Brian Dauk
September 75-Rob Owens 63-Colin Boylan
October 74-Doug Jones 64-Sheldon Drantch
November 70-Noah Busch 65-Brent Huntington
December 73-Fred Woolfork 69-Steve Shure
2014 Golfers of the Year

Gross Dave Rubin (73), Net Sheldon Drantch (66)
2014 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 71-Ron Dolbin 68-Dan Pearson
February 76-Greg Englant 68-Lance Lomax
March 70-Scott Paul 66-Steve Liebeck
April 70-Mike Marmer 67-Randy Wold
May 71-Omar Diaz 63-Pete Douglas
June 70-John Hasselman 64-Dennis Schmitz
July 71-Jim Byers 65-Larry Lipman Jr
August 77-Mike Gilmore 65-Mike Collins
September 69-Dave Rubin 66-Ruben Carbajal
October 71-Eric Miller 63-Don Russell
November 70-Vern Followell 66-Rob Kuehn
December 76-Wayne McGhee 65-Matt Munkelt

Gross Omar Diaz (71), Net Lance Lomax (74)
2013 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January No Winner 66-Lance Lomax
February 70-Frank Followell 66-Dave Hasselman
March 68-Dave Rubin 68-Frank Pecora
April 67-Mike Marmer 62-Randy Wold
May 71-Steve Friend 65-Corey Smith
June 67-Mark Perry 67-Steve Giroux
July 66-Mel Collins 66-Brian Ball
August 68-Omar Diaz 66-Pete Douglas
September 73-Bob Livingstone 62-Dennis Schmitz
October 70-Ryan Boyker 65-Al Ostberg
November 69-Noah Busch 65-Dennis Tramer
December 72-Doug Jones 67-Dan Bellamy
2012 Golfers of the Year

Gross Noah Busch (73), Net Dennis Tramer (76)
2012 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 82-Rich Gilmore 74¼-Justin Vander Broek
February 72-Mike Marmer 69½-Greg Englant
March 71-Dave Rubin 66¾-Fred Woolfork
April 73-Al Ostberg 64¼-Steve Shure
May 68-John Dymon 65½-George Manyak
June 71-Ed Fernandes 66¼-Billy Johnson
July 66-Mel Collins 66½-Steve Liebeck
August 68-Omar Diaz 65¾-Greg Lester
September No Winner 69-Jerry Wright
October 72-Chris Benes 70-Scott Paul
November 70-Mark Perry 65½-Nick Zamora
December 71-Ron McBride 67½-Lloyd Lee
2011 Golfers of the Year

Gross Mike Marmer (73), Net Steve Liebeck (71¾)
2011 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 72-Ed Fernandes 66¾-Steve Shure
February 72-Jim Byers 70¼-Jerry Leininger
March 68-Fred Woolfork 69-Dennis Tramer
April 70-Steve Friend 67½-Les Douglas
May 66-Larry Grant 66¼-Pat O'Hara
June 73-Tony Glorioso 67¼-Darryl Lee
July 71-Jim Fuchs 64¾-Paul Standish
August 68-John Hasselman 67¼-John Davis
September 71-Brendon Devore 68-John Shellenberger
October 72-Cliff Aichele 66¼-Billy Johnson
November 73-Vern Followell 68½-George DeBlois
December 73-Mark Ziegenhagen 67¾-Terry Henson
2010 Golfers of the Year

Gross Jim Fuchs (73), Net Billy Johnson (71½)
2010 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 71-Mike Hasselman 67¼-Rich Gilmore
February 73-Steve Giroux 68¾-Mike Gilmore
March 69-Bill Hasselman 67-Wayne Nielson
April 68-Al Ostberg 67¼-Tim Yee
May No Winner 68-Robert Creighton
June 69-Sam Vance 67¼-Tony Glorioso
July 70-Scott Paul 65¾-Dwight Summers
August 69-Mark Perry 66¾-Don Pichovich
September 69-Mel Collins 68¾-Jerry Leininger
October 71-Doug Jones 69-Greg Lester
November 72-Ed Fernandes 67¾-Rick Evans
December No Winner 65¼-Dave Hasselman
2009 Golfers of the Year

Net Mike Gilmore (76½), Gross Mike Hasselman (77)
2009 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January No Winner No Winner
February 71-Mike Marmer 68¼-Cliff Aichele
March 67-Terry Henson 66-Bob Breen
April 68-Mel Collins 68-Mike Gilmore
May 69-John Hasselman 64¼-Mike Montgomery
June 70-John Dymon 66-Lloyd Lee
July 68-Dewayne Kirksey 66¾-Steve Giroux
August 69-Bret Holloway 66-Allen Reinking
September 70-Jerry Warner 67¼-Eric Miller
October 69-Mark Perry 70¼-Greg O'Brien
November 74-Dave Hasselman 66¼-Rich Gilmore
December No Winner 69¼-Terry Fulford
2008 Golfers of the Year

Net Rich Gilmore (75¼), Gross Mark Perry (72)
2008 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 72-Mike Marmer 66-Mike Gilmore, Wayne Nielson(67)
February 69-Mike Hasselman 63-Frank Kolb
March 71-Bill Hunt 60-Rick Evans
April 70-Terry Henson 62-Terry Fulford
May 66-Jim Fuchs 62-Wayne McGhee
June 69-Tom Retterath 65-Ruben Gonzales
July 73-Andrew Fitzgerald 62-David Ahmadi
August 69-Steve Friend 65-Mark Harrison
September 71-Bret Holloway 64-John Davis
October 68-Mel Collins 65-Jim Byers
November 71-Scott Paul 61-Don Russell
December No Winner 63-Bob Maney
2007 Golfers of the Year

Gross Jim Fuchs (73), Net Ruben Gonzales (67)
2007 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 69-Mike Marmer 65-Terry Fulford
February 72-Mike Hasselman 63-Tim Hodge
March 72-Kevin Orr 64-Mike Supple
April 75-Scott Royle 67-Jim Crosby
May 68-Bill Hasselman 63-Don Marmion
June 70-Mel Collins 58-Mark Burkes
July 69-Mark Perry 62-Mike Montgomery
August 69-Ian McCutcheon 64-Bill Alberth
September 71-Clay McCutcheon 64-Toby Kovaleff
October 70-Doug Jones 62-Randy Kervin
November 71-Glenn Cantin 67-Greg O'Brien
December 71-Jim Fuchs 64-Tom Baker
2006 Golfers of the Year

Gross Clay McCutcheon (71), Net Don Marmion (67)
2006 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 82-Rich Gilmore 69-Dennis Tramer
February 72-Mike Marmer 62-Rick Evans
March 67-Larry Grant 59-Tom Conlisk
April 73-Jim Fuchs 62-Ed Lane
May 70-John Hasselman 62-Wayne Nielson
June 69-Eric Burke 65-Steve Liebeck
July 73-Wayne McGhee 62-Jack Wilemon
August 69-Robert Forster 66-Mike Drew
September 68-Ed Fernandes 62-Todd Thiele
October 69-Bill Hasselman 62-Terry Fulford
November 71-Bill Hunt 66-Steve Shure
December 70-John Dymon 61-Don Russell
2005 Golfers of the Year

Gross Bill Hasselman (74), Net Steve Liebeck (69)
2005 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 70-Doug Jones 64-Al Ostberg
February 72-Mike Marmer 63-Frank Kolb
March 72-Mark Hansen 64-Stan Faris
April 70-Paul Wildy 63-John Davis
May 67-John Tamney IV 65-Tony Jimenez
June 67-Ted Burrows 64-Steve Shure
July No Winner 64-Don Marmion
August 69-Mel Collins 65-Brad Wilcox
September 69-Steve Friend 64-Roger Scaife
October 69-Jim Fuchs 65-Terry Fulford
November No Winner 66-Nick Fitzgerald
December 72-Tom McCutcheon 66-Tim Yee

Gross Mel Collins (71), Net Roger Scaife (70)
2004 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 70-Doug Jones 63-Tom Conlisk
February 69-Jim Fuchs 63-Tom Link
March 69-Mike Marmer 64-Chris Benes
April 72-John Dymon 65-Charlie Baker
May 68-Ted Burrows 61-Bob Austin
June 72-Don Pichovich 60-Tim Yee
July 71-John Tamney IV 62-Billy Johnson
August 69-Larry Grant 65-Tom Baker
September 67-Mel Collins 64-Rick Evans
October 72-Tony Glorioso 65-Don Marmion
November 71-Al Ostberg 63-Jim Baird
December 74-Greg Lester 65-Mike Montgomery
2003 Golfers of the Year

Gross John Tamney IV (69), Net Mike Montgomery (69)
2003 GOLFERS of the YEAR


Gross Net
January 74-Bob Livingstone 62-Bob Maney
February 70-Mike Marmer 59-Lector Orrick
March 69-John Dymon 65-Bill Copeland
April 66-Mel Collins 64-Paul Wildy
May 71-Ted Burrows 61-Jim Nathon
June 70-Bill Hunt 63-Tom Link
July 71-David Spencer 63-Jack McCarthy
August 71-Dale Dulaney 59-Terry Fulford
September 70-Doug Jones 60-Wayne Aho
October 69-Kevin Orr 61-Brian Ball
November 70-John Tamney IV 66-Bob Johnston
December 71-Jim Fuchs 64-John Davis
2002 Golfers of the Year

Gross Doug Jones (69), Net John Davis (69)
2002 GOLFERS of the YEAR


2001 Golfers of the Year

Gross Mel Collins (75), Net Tom Conlisk (70)
2001 GOLFERS of the YEAR