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Members may insure against the cost of beverages if they happen to score a Hole-in-One in a regularly scheduled Men's Club Monthly Tournament. Insurance costs $5.00 and is good from one Ace to the next. If you are not insured, please contact the Info Past President , who serves as the club's friendly "Independent Insurance Agent" or SIGN UP at the next Monthly tournament.

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If you have made a Hole-in-One, send us the details (date, hole, tournament, course, high-res photo, club used, etc.). Include the name of at least one member who can verify the shot. We'll include any ace made at El Dorado or at a Club away tournament or any recent ace regardless of venue.

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HOLES-IN-ONE by Club Members

LEGEND: Monthly Tournaments Away Tournaments
03/16/2024 17 Chris "Eddie" McMonigle Eddie scored his first career Hole-in-One at Monarch Beach Golf Links in Laguna Niguel. His fine Pitching Wedge traversed the 135 yards on the 17th hole and into the jar. Eddie McMonigle HIO
11/01/2023 17 Vern Cannon No stranger to aces, Vern jarred his 7 wood surrounded by Members in good standing. Rumour has this was Vern's 5th career HIO.
10/30/2023 5 Andrew Pulido While playing a round at Rec Park, Andrew made a Hole-in-One on the 5th Hole with a little flip 54° wedge.
10/14/2023 9 Mike Tatalovich Member Mike aced the 9th Hole in the Dreaded Orange Ball tournament, cleaned out the HIO Fund, and cashed a Gross Skin.
05/20/2023 12 Scott Paul Member Scott aced the 12th Hole in the 1st round of the Member-Member tournament using a 6 iron. Scott cleaned out a record HIO Fund (which helped cover a large bar tab), cashed a Closet to the Pin prize and a Gross Skin. Scott Paul HIO
02/06/2023 12 Mark Aichele New Member Mark jarred his tee shot on the 12th at Recreation Park using an 8 iron. His brother Cliff was by his side to witness his ace. Mark_Aichele HIO
11/25/2022 17 Rich Koskela While playing in the off-book annual Turkey Shoot, Rich grooved a little 6-iron on the 160 yard 17th hole into the cup for his first career Hole-in-One. Rich's ace was witnessed by members Nick Z. and Mike P.
09/28/2022 3 Henry DeGraaff During the Member-Guest at Candlewood Country Club, Henry smoothed a little 5 iron on the 184 yard 3rd Hole for his first career Hole-in-One. Henry's ace was witnessed by members Cary Thomason, Danny Martin and Tom Retterath. Henry DeGraaff HIO
08/27/2022 9 Paul White During the 1st Round of the Senior Club Championship, Paul fashioned a 4 iron on the 183 yard 9th into the hole for an ace. Paul believes this was his 3rd career hole-in-one. Paul White HIO
08/16/2022 17 Don Marmion Don snagged his 4th career Hole-in-One while playing a leisurely round on the Marriott Desert Springs Palm Course. Using his trusty 4 hybrid, Don aced the 140 yard 17th hole. Don Marmion HIO
02/27/2022 16 Cary Thomason While competing the San Dimas Canyon Drive Trip, Cary's smooth 7 iron on the 160 yard 16th Hole found the bottom of the cup for his first career Hole-in-One. Cary's ace propelled his team to 1st place and snagged a skin and a proxy for a decent payday. Cary Thomason HIO
06/26/2021 3 Rich Boyker While visiting his son Ryan in Arizona, Rich played a friendly match at Sterling Grove in Peoria with previous ELDO member Sam Krishna and Dan Bodony. Rich found the cup on the par 3 seventh hole from 174 yards for his second career ace. Rich Boyker HIO
10/25/2019 3 Jay Fleming While playing a casual round at El Dorado with his wife Vicki and President Cliff Aichele, Jay pured a 6-iron to the tough back left pin on the 3rd hole and found the hole for his first career ace. Jay Fleming HIO
08/17/2019 3 Dennis Clark Dennis aced the 3rd Hole in the August 3 Best Ball event. Although Dennis did not have insurance (and left a lot of members thirsty according to our Special Events Chairman), he did cash a Skin and helped his team win the C Flight.
07/13/2019 9 Jerry Hodge On the 9th hole during the Red, White and Blue tournament, Jerry's precise 6 iron found the cup on one bounce. This was Jerry's 2nd career ace which cleared out the HIO Fund and won a skin to boot. Jerry Hodge HIO
11/17/2018 17 Vern Cannon Wielding a 9 iron with deadly accuracy, Vern Cannon aced the 17th hole in the Super's Revenge. Vern cleaned out the HIO Fund, got the lone B-flight skin and his team won their flight. This is Vern's 4th career HIO, with his other 3 all at the Navy course. Vern Cannon HIO
9/16/2018 9 David Rubin David aced the 9th hole in the 2nd round of the Partner-Partner tournament. David Rubin HIO
6/2/2018 4 Rich Gilmore Rich made his 1st HIO in 40 years on the 4th Hole on the Mile Square Players course. Rich's wedge traveled past the 119 yard hole and spun back into the cup. The ace was worth a few bucks too, cashing both a gross and net skin plus the Closest to the Pin. Rich Gilmore HIO
1/28/2018 16 Steve Friend Steve aced the 16th at the Recreation Park away tournament to grab a dual skin and a CTTP. Steve's 68 won low gross and his team came in 1st place to boot. Quite a day, Mr. Friend!
3/22/2015 17 Kevin Adams Kevin found the cup on 17 to win the Fund, a skin, CTTP and his team won in the A Flight (Gross) in the Pat Harris tournament.
1/18/2015 3 Billy Johnson Billy J's perfect shot was struck with a 5 iron on the 3rd hole in the Scramble tournament. Billy Johnson
8/17/2013 9 Peter Grant Peter grabbed a skin and the HIO Club funds and treated the membership to many a cold one at the following meeting. Peter Grant
4/7/2013 3 John Wong John aced the 3rd at Lakewood from 119 yds. with a little flip wedge. This was John's 4th career hole-in-one.
3/9/2013 17 Brian Ball Brian scored his first career ace on the 17th during a casual round. His fine shot was witnessed by several members in good standing. Brian Ball
7/16/2011 3 Mark Perry Mark's ace in the Red, White and Blue event cleaned out the Fund. Mark Perry
2/13/2011 9 Randy Wold Randy's Hole-in-One cashed in the Select Drive tournament.
9/18/2010 3 Chuck Demarco Sadly, Chuck's did not have coverage for his ace in the Partner.
4/25/2010 12 Tom Le Brun Tom's ace during the One Gross/2 Net tourney made a nice payday. Tom Le Brun
2/20/2010 17 Omar Diaz Omar aced the 17th during a Saturday Team Play match versus Industry Hills.
9/13/2008 12 Mel Collins Director Mel's ace on the 12th Hole in the first round of the Partner Tournament paid big time. Mel and partner John Hasselman rode that ace to a fabulous round of 61 gross! Mel Collins
7/19/2008 3 Jim Baird Jim aced the 3rd during the Red, White & Blue Tournament, won a skin and cleaned out the Fund.
4/13/2008 12 Robert Creighton Robert aced the 12th Hole during the 1 Gross/2 Net tournament winning a skin and taking the Fund. Robert Creighton
2/18/2007 12 Bill Hunt Glenn and Bill each had an ace in the Select Drive tournament. Glenn aced the 17th hole while Bill found the bottom of the cup on 12 and won the Closest-to-the-Pin prize. The gentlemen shared the Fund. Bill Hunt
2/18/2007 17 Glenn Cantin Glenn Cantin
4/23/2006 3 Scott Royle Scott aced the third hole in the 1 Gross/2 Net tournament and collected a skin and the Hole-in-One Fund.
3/5/2006 4 Mark Harrison Mark aced the 4th hole during the Eagle Glen drive trip.
10/2/2005 2 Bret Holloway Not to be outdone, Bret aced that same 2nd hole at Temecula Creek to steal some of Nick's thunder, not to mention his liquor. bret holloway
9/30/2005 2 Nick Zamora Nick's hole-in-one occurred on the 2nd hole at Temecula Creek during the annual Weekender.
2/20/2005 14 Russell Harder Russell aced the 14th on the Sierra Lakes drive trip.
5/15/2004 12 Mike Hasselman Mike's ace on 12 in the Member-Member Tournament cashed a skin and the Hole-In-One Fund.
5/18/2003 3 Jim McCullough Jim aced the 3rd hole in the Member-Member tournament to win Closet to the Pin, a skin and the Fund.
4/26/2003 5 Lector Orrick Lector aced the 5th Hole at Rec Park during the Quad Club tournament.
10/23/1999 9 Gary Shippy Gary made an ace in the Dreaded Orange Ball Tournament.  Gary's ace was struck with a smooth 4 wood on the ever-tough 9th hole with a white ball, winning a skin and propelling his team to first place in their flight.
08/16/1997 3 Jon Monat Jon aced the 3rd Hole in the monthly El Dorado tournament. Jon used a 6 iron and still has the ball!