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June 29 Update - To the El Dorado Park Men’s Golf Club Membership

Happily, golf has been back for well over a month with no bad publicity or any reported incidents. Because of that, for the last several weeks the Board has been hopeful that LA County and the City of Long Beach would consider some easing of restrictions (like allowing groups/tournaments) that would be implemented for July. In anticipation of that possibility, the Board has been making plans so that if allowed, we could hold our scheduled Club tournament on July 18th.

We think that we could successfully pull off a tournament if new protocols allowing groups are announced by Monday, July 6th. Having said that, with recent spikes in the number of COVID-19 cases and in hospitalizations throughout Southern California, it appears that easing of restrictions in the immediate future are no longer likely. As such, while we are ready to go if we can, our hope is dimming that that will happen. Either way, there will be no General Meeting on July 14th.

Stay tuned and if we can have a tournament on the 18th we will email everyone with our process, which would include having signups in the El Do tent on the morning of Saturday, July 11th. Have a safe and Happy 4th of July.

For the Board of Directors,
Dennis Tramer, President

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June GROSS 69 Chris McMonigle
NET 65 Walter Gordon

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  • 2020 1Q - Daniel Kletke
  • 2019 - Nick De Lia
  • 2019 4Q - Scott Dietschak
  • 2019 3Q - Frederick Woolfork
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2019 Golfers of the Year

golfers of the year
Sonny Nimkhum (Gross)  Mike Montgomery (Net)

2019 Flights Champions

flights champs
Director Mike Vaughn with Champions - Walter Lee (Treasurer), Henry Degraaff (Dir.), Mark Ziegenhagen (VP), Omar Diaz (Pres.)

2019 Senior Club Champions

senior club champs
Jeff Thomas (Champ.), Cliff Aichele (A) and Sheldon Drantch (B)

2019 Club Champions

Sonny Nimkhum (Champion), Corey Smith (A),
Lee McCullough (B)