El Dorado Men's Golf Club

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  • Flights Championships -
  • President's Flight Champion - Ryan Boyker
  • Vice President's Flight Champion - Mark Ziegenhagen
  • Secretary's Flight Champion - Brian Dauk
  • Treasurer's Flight Champion - William Walton
  • Director's Flight Champion - Dennis Smith

Membership Renewal Information - Visit the The Club page.

Board of Directors - Welcome new VP and Tournament Chairman Dennis Tramer back into the fold.

FINAL - The Little Brown Jug Standings, Eric Lishka is the winner.

Handicap Chairman Leininger honored with SCGA's Don Carlson Award

Jerry Leininger

El Dorado's Handicap Chairman Jerry Leininger, was recognized at the 2017 SCGA Annual Meeting as the winner of the Don Carlson Handicap Chairman of the Year Award for all SCGA member Clubs.

Congrats to Jerry and thank you to him and the Handicap Committee for trying to keep our club events fair from a "net" perspective.

El Dorado Men's Golf Club

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Golfer of the Month

October GROSS 67 Stephen Friend
NET 70 Michael Drew

Most Improved Golfer

  • 2017 3Q - Charles Kerr
  • 2017 2Q - Scott Lindman
  • 2017 1Q - Matt Williams
  • 2016 - Scott Lindman
  • 2016 4Q - Matt Mendenhall
  • 2016 3Q - Vern Followell
  • 2016 2Q - Mike Drew
  • 2016 1Q - DeWayne Kirksey

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2017 Senior Club Champions

senior club champs
Show runner Mike Montgomery with Paul Standish (B), Jim Fuchs (Champ.) & Daniel Pearson (A)

2017 Club Champion

Sonny Nimkhum (Champion)
Matt Williams (A), Tim Hodge (B)

2016 Flights Champions

flights champs
Bill Hasselman (Pres.), Mark Ziegenhagen (VP), Greg Englant (Sec.), Shaun Ferguson (Treas.)

2016 Golfers of the Year

golfers of the year
David Rubin (Gross)  Don Didier (Net)